Ovens for the paint stripping

Ovens for the paint stripping

PIROMAX process offers a valid alternative to the traditional mechanical de painting systems: by hand with abrasives, with the use of chemical solvents or with cryogenic processes, which is very expensive. Solvents are also expensive, not reclaimable and with increasing difficulties for disposal, while burn-off in open air turns out to be very dangerous, due to the high pollution in atmosphere.

Ovens for the paint stripping Piromax
Ovens for the paint stripping Piromax

New Piromax ovens

The main advantages that new PIROMAX models have, in comparison with the previous FOURNACES, are:

  1. The stripping chamber is completely free from any obstacle because the flame tunnel is placed in the rear part of the furnace; therefore, we have the maximum exploitation of the chamber volume

  2. The fumes distribution system inside the chamber is studied to guarantee the best uniformity of the temperature by means of an appropriate fumes collecting device that connects primary to secondary chamber.

  3. The structure is monolithic with lower thermal dispersions with resulting energetic saving.

  4. The control of the combustion is carried out during the burning phase of the paint, by the fan of the burner with the modulation of the air carried out by a motorized gate operated by the PLC.
    The carrying trolley could be designed according to the specific customer’s necessities.

The system has the following advantages:

  • All process is performed with a not-direct action of flame and with low temperature (450°C max.), in order to avoid any thermal strain.
  • Temperature is continuously controlled by a special thermoregulation, managed by a microprocessor.
  • Flue gas treatment reduces exhaust gas pollution up to lower values than the ones accepted by law.
  • No material handling during the thermal process.
  • Maximum safety systems with prevention devices to avoid any access of the workers during the use.
  • Lower working cost with reference to other de-painting systems.
  • No relevant maintenance requirements.


Ovens for the paint stripping - Piromax

Paint Stripping Chamber

Primary Burner





Secondary Burner

Inspection Door

Air Fan

Water Nozzles

Relief Flap

Trolley Ramp